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View the list of unread articles within a selected tag or smart stream.

Tap an article to view the headline in full and mark as read or star. Force tap on an article to view saving options.


Select a tag or smart stream to receive notifications when new articles are downloaded. The selected smart stream's unread articles will be available from within the watch app.

Speed Browsing

Quickly and easily speed through your articles, hands-free with speed browsing.

Automatically switches to the next article every second or two. Customise the playback speed to suit your browsing habits.

Automatic Dark Mode

All themes have an associated dark mode. Dark mode can be configured to switch automatically at a pre-selected screen brightness level.

Sidetrack Screenshot

Easy RSS Triage

Quickly swipe through articles. Pull down on an article to reveal saving and sharing options. Select the one you want and then lift your finger to trigger the action.

Configurable Actions

Tapping, double-tapping, press & hold – actions can be configured to perform a variety of actions from displaying the article in an external browser to marking as read, etc.

Because Sidetrack was designed to play nicely with others, each action can also be configured using a custom url scheme. That way, you can launch your favourite speed reading app, for example.

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If you have feature suggestions or need assistance, please complete this form. Please include as many details as possible to help us assist you.

More Information

If you are having trouble with the app, please include specific details of which sites/articles are causing the issue. This will help us to track down the cause of the problem and correct it.